David Farmer


David originally started his martial arts training in Judo as a child in Basildon which he only done for a short time. After moving abroad and returning to the UK David restarted his training in martial arts. He first started in kickboxing at the Chelmsford Pro Am kickboxing club under the instruction of Sensei Laurence Sandum.

When the Chelmsford Pro Am kickboxing club became the Laurence Sandum Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Boreham,Chelmsford,Essex his interest in martial arts grew and he took the Jeet Kune do approach to training and began to diversity by studing different arts.

David went on to achieve the following certifications:

Filipino Martial Arts / Kali

  • Full Instructor (UKMASDA)
  • 2nd Degree black Belt (UKMASDA)
  • Level 1 (PAMA)

Jun Fan Gung Fu /Jun Fan Kickboxing

  • Full Instructor (UKMASDA)
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt (UKMASDA)
  • Level 2 (PAMA)


  • Instructor (UKMASDA)
  • Brown Belt


  • Instructor (UKMASDA)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

  • Purple Belt (UKMASDA)


  • Green Belt (IBF)
  • Level 1 coach (IBF)

Sambo/ Sombo

  • Green Belt (IBF)
  • Level 1 Coach (IBF)

Japanese Jiu Jitsu

  • Orange Belt (IBF)

Muay Thai (Thaiboxing)

  • White/red Stripe (UKMASDA)

Other Certifications

  • UKMASDA Grading Examinar
  • Most inspiring instructor 2010 &2011 (EFC)